Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas Loveliness

I love this time of year....when you get the house all pretty and twinkly and festive.
I have been drying our lovely Hydrangea flowers for a while now and have made our front door wreath from the gorgeous dried pom pom flower heads.... it really looks lovely on our front door.
I also adore Hyacinths at Christmas as their scent makes the house smell wonderful.
Pretty violets in an old antique urn, their colour is simply amazing.... and the all important home made Mince Pies... made from my husbands 150 year old family recipe... they are DELICIOUS !!
A wonderful time of year for all that is beautiful to be on show.
Janey xxx

Gorgeously scented Hyacinths

Pretty Pink Ranunculas 

I love Berries

Using the Hydrangea flowers from the garden I have made this pretty door wreath

Beautiful Violet Flower in my favourite old urn

Home made Delicious Mince Pies

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