Thursday, 28 July 2011

♡ Beautiful Summer Days ♡

Of late we have had some glorious sunny summer days.
Blue skies, warm sunny evenings, days that make us all feel good and make the garden extremely happy.
Our garden this year has been full of such pretty colours.
I just love being out in our garden, and I am always so thrilled with how much it has transformed from the sad little garden it once was into a little spot on the planet that is full of life and colour.
It used to have no flowers, just lots of shade thanks to over 30 towering pine trees and years of neglect.
I could see however past all of this and the minute I saw my little cottage I fell in love with it.
Over the years I have given this lovely spot of ours the love and respect it deserves.
Every little animal that visits our garden is treated with the up most respect.
I have planted so many insect loving plants, varieties that the birds, butterflies, ladybirds & even bats and moths all love.
Here are just a few pictures of our pretty garden this year.
I hope you like them too.
Janey xxx

I just adore wild flowers so I am delighted if they decide to self seed in our garden 

The View from our lovely Home 

The Beautiful Willow Herb

A pretty little private and peaceful seating area for my morning coffee

Our daily crop of gorgeously pretty and tasty tomatoes

My wonderful little studio

This year I have planted so many of these beautiful little viola's with their pretty faces

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

♡ Vanessa & Ian's Professional Wedding Day Images ♡

Vanessa and Ian's wonderful Wedding at Capesthorne Hall & Pavilion was such a beautiful wonderful day.
These two gorgeous people are so in love and you can see that they are just perfect for one another.
These gorgeous professional photographs were taken by the very talented Tobiah Tayo and Peter Lawson Photography.
Both amazing photographers in their own right, and I think as the images show they caught the day beautifully.
Vanessa looked a million dollars in her dress...although I think Vanessa would make a bin bag look amazing !!
These lovely pictures detail out all of the beautiful details on the day, from the gorgeous flowers, pretty tables, fabulous bespoke wedding signage, gorgeous detailing and much, much more.
I hope you all love these pictures as much as I do.
Love Janey xxx

Thursday, 14 July 2011

My Latest Antique Restoration Project.. Gorgeous French Lounger

I am always on the hunt for gorgeous pieces of antique furniture that need some TLC or a make over.
The other week I came across this lovely shaped lounger in one of my local antique dealers warehouse.
Its a great place for finding a bargain and for having a good old fashioned rummage in.
This lounger was looking very sad.
A wonky leg, in fact it fell off, varnished mahogany and covered in the most awful dark swirly fabric as well as being rather dirty.
Straight away though I could see past all of the above and knew what I wanted to do with it.
I adore the colour grey...I think it is so elegant and beautiful, so I knew I wanted to paint it in a beautiful shade of this lovely colour.
I also adore this particular fabric....with its gorgeous rose swags and little birds on beautiful linen.
The final result I am delighted with.
A beautiful piece of furniture restored back to life to be the beautiful piece it deserves to be.
Janey xxx

The "Before" Images of when I started to take it apart & work on this lovely peice:

The Undercoat goes on below:

Little Miss River checking out her new piece of furniture

Starting to paint it in the desired colour:

Now fully restored and looking beautiful 

Friday, 8 July 2011

♡ Gorgeous Pink Mallow ♡

I just adore the pretty Mallow flower.
Such a gorgeous shade of pink, it's almost hard to believe that some people regard this little flower as a weed ..... although I personally like all weeds, they are just flowers after all.
The Mallow is everywhere at the moment, in the hedgerows, by the side of the road, in the fields and probably somewhere in your very own garden.
I have planted lots of Mallow in my own garden hoping that they will seed all around.
I have been planting last years seeds of this pretty flower in our very own wild flower meadows hoping that they will grow in there and over the years self seed again and again.
Gorgeous saucer shaped flowers in the most gorgeous candy pink.
I hope you love this pretty flower as much as I do.
Janey xxx

Even Little River loves this pretty flower 

Below, wild Mallow in our Wild Flower Meadow 

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