Monday, 29 August 2011

♡ Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary at Gorgeous Babington House ♡

We celebrated our 3rd Wedding Anniversary last week and my beloved husband Andy decided to take me back to the special place we got married in .... 
Babington House in Somerset.
This beautiful Georgian House is simply stunning, with its wonderful grounds & gardens, small but beautifully formed Church, Cowshed Spa and fabulous interiors.
The minute we visited Babington all those years ago we fell in love with it & we have been lucky enough to visit and stay there on many occasions since.
Being our Wedding Anniversary meant this was a very special time for us, and we stayed in the exact same room that we spent our wedding weekend in.. the gorgeous "Playroom".
Here are some images of our wonderful visit last weekend.
A beautiful sunny couple of days, filled with much love, laughter & beautiful blue skies & sunshine.
Thank you to my darling Andy for always being simply the best !!
Janey xxx

Gorgeous Babington House on a very special, beautiful sunny weekend 

The Gorgeous Little Church my darling Andy & I got married in 3 years ago

Our beautiful room .. the "Playroom"

The gorgeous Bath & Shower area

The beautiful Armoire that my Wedding Dress was hung on 3 years earlier

The View of the lake .. & fabulous Bed Loungers that we spent a lot of time lying on 

The very lovely Cowshed Spa Area

A Beautiful Gift from my darling husband 

My darling Mr B & I on our 3rd Wedding Anniversary Evening 

Thursday, 18 August 2011

French Antique Pretty Frame

I just love vintage antique treasures. 
One of my favourite all time things to do is to go off to antique & junk shops to just browse around and see what goodies are lying around.
I especially love rummaging through the boxes that are often in the shady corners of the shop which are often filled with all sorts of hidden treasures.
One such treasure I recently came across was this delightful little frame.
Looking a little sad and covered in dust it was underneath a whole pile of un loved objects feeling rather sorry for itself.
I saw instantly though what a beauty it was.
The top of this little frame is quite exquisite as it has roses and a gorgeous ladies gardening hat and little garden spade and rake.
On the reverse is a ladies name which I take to be French as she is a "Mademoiselle" .... so romantic.
I have now given this wonderful little piece of history a good clean & a loving home and it is waiting to one day be placed in a special spot in our lovely new home.
I hope you love it too.
Janey xxx

Thursday, 11 August 2011

♡ Gorgeous Hydrangea's ♡

I love the pretty Hydrangea Flower.
Such a gorgeous Flower which comes to life in all of its glory at this time of year.
I find the wonderful flower heads so versatile to work with within my designs.
From the big "pom pom" heads which fill out large displays beautifully, to pricking out individual little stems to put into pretty vintage glass vases to have as tiny detailing to brighten up any corner.
The colour shades this lovely flower comes in are wonderful, from the most gorgeous lime green, white, electric blues to the gorgeous candy pink that you see below.
A beautiful flower to grace any bouquet, display or cottage garden.
I hope you love them too.....Janey xxx

I love pricking off the little flower stamens and popping them into pretty little
vintage vases with other gorgeous blooms to brighten up a little corner.

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