Thursday, 18 August 2011

French Antique Pretty Frame

I just love vintage antique treasures. 
One of my favourite all time things to do is to go off to antique & junk shops to just browse around and see what goodies are lying around.
I especially love rummaging through the boxes that are often in the shady corners of the shop which are often filled with all sorts of hidden treasures.
One such treasure I recently came across was this delightful little frame.
Looking a little sad and covered in dust it was underneath a whole pile of un loved objects feeling rather sorry for itself.
I saw instantly though what a beauty it was.
The top of this little frame is quite exquisite as it has roses and a gorgeous ladies gardening hat and little garden spade and rake.
On the reverse is a ladies name which I take to be French as she is a "Mademoiselle" .... so romantic.
I have now given this wonderful little piece of history a good clean & a loving home and it is waiting to one day be placed in a special spot in our lovely new home.
I hope you love it too.
Janey xxx

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful Janey! You've got such a good eye for these lovely treasures you find xx


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