Thursday, 11 August 2011

♡ Gorgeous Hydrangea's ♡

I love the pretty Hydrangea Flower.
Such a gorgeous Flower which comes to life in all of its glory at this time of year.
I find the wonderful flower heads so versatile to work with within my designs.
From the big "pom pom" heads which fill out large displays beautifully, to pricking out individual little stems to put into pretty vintage glass vases to have as tiny detailing to brighten up any corner.
The colour shades this lovely flower comes in are wonderful, from the most gorgeous lime green, white, electric blues to the gorgeous candy pink that you see below.
A beautiful flower to grace any bouquet, display or cottage garden.
I hope you love them too.....Janey xxx

I love pricking off the little flower stamens and popping them into pretty little
vintage vases with other gorgeous blooms to brighten up a little corner.


  1. Lovely Janey. Have to say Hydrangea's hold a special place in my heart because as a child I would often play in my nanna's garden and she had the most wonderful blue Hydrangea. She would always tell us it was very special because of it's intense colour. I believe blue Hydrangeas need a certain soil type, but anyway, I love 'em. :0)

  2. Thank you darling....and your Nana was right...I believe they need acidic soil which makes them this amazing electric blue colour...and I am sure your Nana's was amazing....I just love reminiscent of childhood days.. so glad you love them too xxxx

  3. Bonjour :-) I'm Eve from Facebook, I'm a french woman living in Italia and married with an italian since almost one year now :-) , love your photos and style of life :-) , love romance and english old style, houses and english gardens , Jane Austen books and BBC serial like Pride and Prejudice.... :-)

    wish you all the best :-)


  4. So very lovely to have you on here with me Eve.... thank you for your lovely sweet comment.... I hope you enjoy many more of my postings in the future...have a lovely wkend xxx Janey xx


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