Monday, 26 September 2011

♡ Beautiful Birthday Blooms ♡

Well I had a wonderful week last week for many reasons, and one of those reasons was because it was my birthday.
I received some really lovely cards, & so many lovely messages from friends who live all over the world or far away on good old Face book. Social media sites for me are all about this, a wonderful way to keep in contact with people who you don't see very often or even speak to.
I also received some wonderful gifts and flowers, and the beautiful blooms you see below are just so lovely I have to share them with you all.
Thanks to my wonderful husband Andy, who knows I just adore Roses, he organised for my favourite shop, The Potting Shed to put these beautiful blooms together.
Stunning full bloom roses and the most wonderful coloured Hydrangea's .... the bouquet is simply Gorgeous.
Beautiful Blooms for a Wonderful Birthday.
Love Janey xxx

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

♡ Looks & StyIes that I Love ♡

It is my birthday on the 22nd of  September, and I wanted to blog about looks and styles that I really love.
I love this time of year, with its misty mornings, berries starting to turn red, rose hips & blackberries in the hedge row, the tree leaves turning gorgeous golden colours & my cashmere socks & jumpers coming out to play for one more year.
I adore old books, especially on wild flowers and gardening, old tin buckets, small terracotta pots that are covered in lichen and garden twine in old tin jars. 
I love old French cafe style chairs, there is something so inviting about them, and I especially love them in a little corner of the garden, on their own as if inviting you to go and sit there with your favourite book.
I keep a garden journal, and I often do just this in our garden, just go & sit with my journal & write down my thoughts & idea's.
All of these gorgeous images give me inspiration for my designs, be it my wedding designs or for our soon to be wonderful new home.
Elegant, simple, light & pretty, I just adore these beautiful pictures.
I hope you love them and that they inspire you as much as they do me.
Janey xxx

Friday, 16 September 2011

Gorgeous Daylesford Organic

I am not a big shopper ... I don't actually like high street shops on the whole.
Where you are most likely to find me is some fabulous junk shop, reclamation yard or antique shop as this is my favourite type of shopping.
However this is one gorgeous shop (If it can be called that) that I absolutely adore.
Daylesford Organic Farm Shop.
This beautiful place offers quite the most exquisite goodies....from home grown organic produce to beautiful garden and home wares, fabulous clothing & a gorgeous spa & restaurant.
All set in the most wonderful surroundings, this fabulous place is the epitome of style and taste.
This place inspires me so much in terms of how I intend & would love to make our new home look.
I hope you love the look as much as I do.
Janey xxx

Thursday, 15 September 2011

♡ A Happy Day for Us & our Home ♡

Yesterday was a wonderful day for my husband and I as we managed to secure planning permission for our wonderful new home.
We both love our home even in its current sub-standard condition, but we both know how much more wonderful it deserves to be.
We are surrounded by beautiful scenery,green fields, fabulous wildlife and woodland.
To know now that we will sometime soon have a wonderful home, which will be beautiful on the outside & inside, with no damp, and environmentally friendly, warm and comfortable as well as allowing us to have friends and family over to stay is just the most wonderful thing for us.
To say we are delighted is an understatement!!!
Thank you to all those involved in getting us to this outcome... these roses are for you.
Love Janey & Andy 

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Gorgeous Cornwall in the Sun

My wonderful Mr B & I recently took a few days off from our busy schedule & headed down to wonderful Cornwall.
Such a beautiful part of our British Isles, and how lucky we were with the glorious weather.
We stayed in a beautiful little cottage in Padstow, owned by the TV celebrity chef Rick Stein.
The interior of this tiny little cottage is really so very lovely and has in fact been designed and styled by his wife, Jill Stein. 
We managed to go to some fabulous places and eat in some amazing restaurants including the Sea Food Restaurant that is Rick Steins flagship restaurant, sampling the lovely local sea food which when by the sea is always a must.
Here are some pics of our lovely stay in this lovely part of Cornwall.
Love Janey xxx

Our gorgeous cottage for a few days.

The lovely view from our pretty cottage

I just love this bathroom & fabulous shower.

Where we ate breakfast every morning...& every day had blue skies 

Gorgeous Padstow

Posh Fizz & Chips thanks to Mr Steins fab Fish & Chip Shop !!

The lovely Cornish fishing town of Fowey & a beautiful Oak framed Boat House

When by the sea it is rude not to have fresh Mussels & Calamari

Beautiful Cornwall & its lovely beaches

Blue Skies & a wonderful Padstow...we'll be back xxx

A beautiful Rainbow on our last evening....perfect x

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