Thursday, 15 September 2011

♡ A Happy Day for Us & our Home ♡

Yesterday was a wonderful day for my husband and I as we managed to secure planning permission for our wonderful new home.
We both love our home even in its current sub-standard condition, but we both know how much more wonderful it deserves to be.
We are surrounded by beautiful scenery,green fields, fabulous wildlife and woodland.
To know now that we will sometime soon have a wonderful home, which will be beautiful on the outside & inside, with no damp, and environmentally friendly, warm and comfortable as well as allowing us to have friends and family over to stay is just the most wonderful thing for us.
To say we are delighted is an understatement!!!
Thank you to all those involved in getting us to this outcome... these roses are for you.
Love Janey & Andy 


  1. Congratulations Janey & Andy, I want to see loads of progress photos.

    Linsey x


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