Wednesday, 21 September 2011

♡ Looks & StyIes that I Love ♡

It is my birthday on the 22nd of  September, and I wanted to blog about looks and styles that I really love.
I love this time of year, with its misty mornings, berries starting to turn red, rose hips & blackberries in the hedge row, the tree leaves turning gorgeous golden colours & my cashmere socks & jumpers coming out to play for one more year.
I adore old books, especially on wild flowers and gardening, old tin buckets, small terracotta pots that are covered in lichen and garden twine in old tin jars. 
I love old French cafe style chairs, there is something so inviting about them, and I especially love them in a little corner of the garden, on their own as if inviting you to go and sit there with your favourite book.
I keep a garden journal, and I often do just this in our garden, just go & sit with my journal & write down my thoughts & idea's.
All of these gorgeous images give me inspiration for my designs, be it my wedding designs or for our soon to be wonderful new home.
Elegant, simple, light & pretty, I just adore these beautiful pictures.
I hope you love them and that they inspire you as much as they do me.
Janey xxx


  1. Lovely photos and inspiration Janey ... and Happy Birthday to you (mine's the day after lol )

  2. Hi Nikki, I am so delighted you love the pics too...and wishing you a wonderful happy birthday darling for the Virgo/ Libra girls all love pretty things...Janey xxxxx


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