Friday, 8 July 2011

♡ Gorgeous Pink Mallow ♡

I just adore the pretty Mallow flower.
Such a gorgeous shade of pink, it's almost hard to believe that some people regard this little flower as a weed ..... although I personally like all weeds, they are just flowers after all.
The Mallow is everywhere at the moment, in the hedgerows, by the side of the road, in the fields and probably somewhere in your very own garden.
I have planted lots of Mallow in my own garden hoping that they will seed all around.
I have been planting last years seeds of this pretty flower in our very own wild flower meadows hoping that they will grow in there and over the years self seed again and again.
Gorgeous saucer shaped flowers in the most gorgeous candy pink.
I hope you love this pretty flower as much as I do.
Janey xxx

Even Little River loves this pretty flower 

Below, wild Mallow in our Wild Flower Meadow 

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