Friday, 20 January 2012

Happy Happy Days ! x

What a wonderful week this has been.
Not only are all the bulbs shooting up in the garden and in the verges but we have had the best news ever with regard to our lovely home.
I bought my little cottage 7 years ago, it was in a very sorry state and had been empty for a couple of years and was totally neglected, damp and un loved.
However I could see what a beautiful spot this sub standard little house was in and I could see that one day it had the possibility of being a beautiful family home.
After a long old planning process and taking our first planning refusal to Appeal, we found out this week that we have in fact been granted planning permission for our beautiful stone, oak and Welsh slate home.
We are so delighted that the Appeal Officer saw exactly what we are trying to achieve and has granted us permission.
What better way to celebrate than with Spring Flowers, the whole house is now full to the brim with beautifully scented Hyacinths.
I am so delighted to now have our dream come true, as I believe this beautiful spot deserves a beautiful house.
Happy Days !
Janey xxx

Gorgeous Pale Pink Hyacinths and pretty door wreath from the gorgeous boutique Florists of Heswall "Earth"

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  1. Hi Jane :-)
    I'm Eve from Facebook :-) just to say hello and thank you to share those photos with us :-) . I'm too a rose lover and love all that have roses on it , I like to use them in little " touch " in the house , it is refreshing and so romantic :-) .

    Love also the photos of your house and cat :-) and the ones of England , cottages and green landscapes :-)

    I'm fench from the south of France but live in Italy since one year , since I married my italian husband :-)

    bye , bye now



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