Thursday, 16 February 2012

Wedding Flowers Magazine Feature

I am really delighted & thrilled that the gorgeous wedding of Vanessa & Ian's has been featured in Wedding Flowers Magazine.
This Sweet Days and Roses wedding was a real joy to work on, and I added so many individual finishing touches & little details that made this wedding so gorgeous.
I loved working with the lovely bride Vanessa and her & Ian make such a gorgeous couple.
I got to work alongside some amazing people, from the fabulous photographer Tobiah Tayo, Ian Lloyd Florist & his fabulous team, & the lovely Rebecca at Vintage Tea's & RSVP's and many more.
It is always such a treat to see your hard work featured in a lovely glossy magazine.
A gorgeous day for everyone involved and a beautiful wedding of Vanessa & Ian's that was a day to remember.
Janey xxx


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  2. beautiful photos of the couple sharing a moment under the trees.


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