Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Darling Ruby & Munch ... we will always love you x

Our darling dog Ruby passed away the other day and we miss her so very much.
We have buried her in a wonderful corner of our field and she is now there with our darling little cat Munchie.
Both were so very special to us and we were so very lucky that these beautiful creatures let us share our lives with them.
We are now going to plant beside them a beautiful Lime tree and plant lots of wild flowers and spring bulbs around their final resting place. 
We will also place a bench down where they are and this way we can go down to this quiet, special place and sit with them whenever we feel like being close to them.
A part of us died when they died, but their beautiful memories will last for ever and always in our hearts and minds.
We love you both Ruby & Munch and hope one day that we will see you again.
All of our love for always ....  Janey and Andy xxxx


  1. Oh Janey... Sweet Days & Roses Janey
    I am so sad to read about your loss, it is always such a sad time when a pet leaves us.
    Take heart that Ruby spent the best days of her life with you and you will always have those precious memories to treasure.
    Thinking of you tonight... •♥✿•♥✿•xXx•♥✿•♥✿•

  2. I can't read this without welling up, I guess anyone who has been fortunate to share their life with a beautiful creature will understand. We have a patch in our garden where our beloved dogs and cats lay. In times of sorrow I always think of the words of Kahil Gibran;' When you are sorrowful look into your heart, and there you will see that in truth you are mourning for that which has been your delight.'
    RIP together Ruby & Munch.

  3. You are both so wonderful and kind with your kind words....thankyou both...much love Janey xxxx

  4. Bless dear Ruby what a beautiful dog,& faithful friend she has been to you Janey.
    May she be at peace.
    Sympathy & love to you
    Kat x


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