Wednesday, 1 June 2011

♡ Wild Flowers ♡

I adore wild flowers.
I have a true belief that every living thing, flowers included have a life force and have a right to live in a beautiful & free as nature intended it to be enviroment.
A Bridal Bouquet of wild flowers in my eyes is simply exquisite and so beautiful and real.
These wild flowers are all around our garden at the moment ...  & they are alive with life.
We have Bee's which we have to pussy foot around as they are drunk with pollen and are asleep all over the ground outside.
The Butterflies dance all around this lovely wild area, and at night there are so many frogs and toads hopping around enjoying the fact that there are so many slugs and snails using this pretty area as their home also.
Nothing is hurt or killed, all live in harmony and the eco balance is simply as it should be.
A wild flower area that is full of colour and favourite place to be.
Love Janey xxx

A Gorgeous little home full of a noisy baby Blue Tits 

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