Saturday, 5 February 2011

Little Miss River

My darling Little Miss River was hoping it was going to be a lovely, sunny weekend.
She loves to sit and watch the birds and normally is outside all of the time, but at the moment it is very rainy and windy, so she's taken to sitting at the window watching the little birds whizz by.
I love my little River, she is a real character .... and of course so very very beautiful... and doesn't she know it.
Janey xxx


  1. What a gorgeous little thing! I just found your blog via Kat and just said to her that I adore finding fellow UK bloggers.

    You blog looks gorgeous and I look forward to reading more soon.

  2. Hello Cassie,

    It is so lovely to have you on here with me.... Welcome. x
    River is so so lovely. Sp thrilled you love my Blog and I look forward to sharing more lovely images in the future...Janey xxx

  3. Wow beautiful is your house?

    and pretty kitty too!

    Sam :0)

  4. Thank you Sam , Yes Little Miss River is pretty .... and the house is lovely...but we are hoping to make it even more lovely this space....lovely to have you on here with me xxx Janey xxx


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