Thursday, 10 February 2011

Our Beautiful White Deer & Friends

We live in such a beautiful part of the country....we are surrounded by fields and woodland and have fabulous views of the mountains. 
I love our home and love all of the wild animals that share this lovely land with us.
We have Foxes who play with our little cat River, beautiful birds such as Owls & Buzzards.
We also have White Deer ... totally white and very very beautiful. 
I have managed to get a photo of her today, playing in the woods with her friends.
Here are some of the lovely images that I have taken of the gorgeous wildlife that we share our home with.
Janey xxx

Our beautiful White Deer and her friends

Little River and the Fox meeting for the first time

This little chap flew into the window.... but after some TLC in our warm kitchen towel he soon felt a little better, and thanked us by leaving a little "poop" behind xxx


  1. It has been lovely now the days are warming up again to hear the bird song from my bedroom window. There's something very calming and balancing about it don't you think Janey.
    This little fellow is so sweet! Glad you saw him back to health.
    And a deer in white must be so rare a sight!
    Love Kat x
    Ps I think you'd love this man's photography of deer

  2. Hello my lovely friend x Yes this mans work is simply amazing .... beautiful photos.... I am forever saving the little birds that fly into our window...we have so many birds around us .... I think its because we live near to a wood and surrounded by open fields.. It is just so lovely now that the days are warming up... and I can see little shoots on all the trees and coming up through the soil....I love this time of year. So thrilled you love the white deer ...I knew you would.... she reminds me of you dear Kat xxxx


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