Saturday, 19 February 2011

Pretty Primroses

I just adore these beautiful little flowers.
This particular colour are my favourite as they are the natural native primroses to the British Isles.
I have been out & purchased  many of them to plant up in and around our lovely home.
We have of late been sorting out our fields and hedges and I am planting these little beauties up in and around the hedge line and wood opposite. 
Last year I split so many snowdrops in and around our home and they are all looking so very lovely at the moment.
These little beauties are about to be planted and I cant wait to see them over time multiply and enhance this wonderful area we live in.
Happy Weekend All.
Janey xxx

1 comment:

  1. Such sweet smiley flowers these are Janey I can just imagine how pretty they look around your garden.
    We have a few of the yellow ones here and some crocus shoots that are growing fast. Hope the cold snap this weekend doesn't nip them.
    Love Kathryn x


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