Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Forget me Not

This week is a special week as it is the build up to the wonderful Royal Wedding of HRH William & Kate Middleton.
I am really so excited to see how beautiful this gorgeous, happy and fresh faced young woman is going to look.
I truly believe that these two are going to have a loving happy life together as they both look so happy and in love.
A week to not forget, what better native little flower out at the moment to enjoy than the beautiful little Forget me Not.
I just adore this little flower which is so very delicate yet so vibrant and striking in its swathes of blue.
I even have a pink Forget me Not in the garden at the moment which is equally so very lovely.
A gorgeous little flower to brighten up any garden or bridal bouquet.
Here's to a week to remember, a Forget me Not week in the making.
Janey xxx

1 comment:

  1. When I saw this post last week it reminded me to take some pictures of the tiny few forget me knots by our front fence. I just like how tiny they are and how wild.I hadn't seen pink ones before they are so pretty
    Love Kat x


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