Sunday, 6 March 2011

I adore Country Living

I have a wonderful, beautiful sister Clare.
We live far apart from each other but keep in touch on a regular basis and it is always lovely to have a catch up on what each of us are doing.
She is an amazing woman, and I am so very proud of her for lots of reasons.
You don't ever hear my sister moan or be mean about others ... she is always bright,  great fun and very kind.
Only recently did I find in my little post box my favourite Country Living Magazine.
I love this monthy publication as it is full of gorgeous gardens, fabulous homes and beautiful styling idea's.
It turns out my lovely sister Clare has set up an annual subscription to this lovely magazine just for me.
So here I am on this beautiful Sunday morning in March, with my fresh cup of coffee & Country Living Magazine and its all thanks to my gorgeous little sis'. 
Thank you Clare .... you're the best sister ever.
Love Janey xxx


  1. Ah Clare sounds just as sweet as you Janey.
    I love Country Living mag as well, and I'm thinking of subscribing to Country Homes and Interiors which I just had my first copy of last week. It's similar to CL but with more craft and inside of homes.
    Those hyacinths are so lovely in the photo.
    I just spotted some rare pink lily of the valley in one of my dad's seed catalogues and think I may get some - they look just like the ones on the postcard I sent you.
    Love Kathryn x

  2. Ooohhh how lovely...I adore the card you sent to me...those flowers are so so beautiful.... go and treat yourself to this lovely magazine .... always enjoy reading all the gorgeous images xx Janey xx


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