Saturday, 5 March 2011

A Magical Morning

We wake up very early in our house.
Being surrounded by woods and tree's means the little birds at this time of year wont allow you to have a lie in, the Dawn Chorus is very loud.
Still it means you are up when all is still and wonderful.
Yesterday morning was a very special morning.
Not a cloud in the bright blue sky and so very lovely & still. 
Our resident Woodpecker was busy pecking away in our lovely very old Ash Tree.
In our wood opposite I saw our beautiful resident White Deer and all of her lovely friends.
She is really so very special and almost magical in her appearence.
This time she was literally feet away from me and we both looked at each other for quite a while.
I feel so very lucky to share my home with these wonderful, enchanting animals.
Quite wonderful .....  a beautiful start to my day.
Janey xxx

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