Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Janey as a Cosmopolitan Bride !!

What a lovely day I have had today.... I have had so many lovely people write to me saying how much they love my work and my new "Janey's Diary" Blog page ... to all of you I'd like to say a big Thank you .... it is so great to know that you all love my work as much as I do.

Quite a few of you recently have asked  "Janey... were you in Cosmopolitan Bride Magazine ... I recognize your gorgeous dress?" .... and the answer is "Yes" our lovely wedding day was in fact featured in the fab Cosmopolitan Bride Magazine .....

Here is the four page spread for those of you who have asked me to put it on here and for those of you who may not have seen it .

I just Love my dress.... it was a Sharon Bowen Couture gown that I had made especially for me.
Our fabulous photographs were taken by the amazing Damien and Julie Lovegrove of Lovegrove Photography .... who have since become very dear friends to us ... their work is simply the best !

Our wedding day was the happiest day of my life.... I married the most wonderful man and thanks to my beautiful wedding day I decided to set up Sweet Days and Roses ... and the rest is history..... I hope this allows you all to share my very special day ...... Janey xxx


  1. Oh Janey your wedding dress is simply divine! And Damien's pictures are beautiful as ever. WHat a wonderful wedding you had. One day I want to see ALL the photos! xxx

  2. Thankyou so much Katy for your lovely comment....I would love you to see our gorgeous album...as always Damien took some amazing shots and they even filmed our wedding...you may have seen the DVD "The Big Day"..that was us....Janey xx

  3. Janey you and Andy had the most beautiful day. I love how you look in the dress and the photos really do everything justice.
    The little bridesmaids shot is adorable!
    How fascinating that through your own wedding you went on to found your business.
    Kathryn x


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