Monday, 17 January 2011

Napkin Rings and Vintage Soap Bowl

I just adore these gorgeous porcelain napkin rings.....they are just so very pretty in the shape of a beauitul Rose and are the most gorgeous colour of faded eau de nil ... although a little chipped ... for me this just adds to their charm .....
This delightful little soap bowl is really lovely with its tiny little rose detail & pale blue forget me not flowers .... I adore the colour of this charming little bowl...almost a stained "tea" colour .... more gorgeous vintage finds that put together in my eyes .... are simply adorable ... Janey xx


  1. oh wonderful to see you !! i think this is an absolutely wonderful way to keep in touch with you.....i will follow you just about anywhere.....: - )) xxx

  2. Oh my very dear Joanne....I am so so happy that you are on here with me...all very exciting and today is my first day on line for me and my lovely diary page .... love janey xxx


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