Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Junk Shop Bride Blog .....

I just LOVE this Gorgeous Webiste.... Junk Shop Bride ... owned and run by the oh so lovely Penny .
This wonderful, original site is full of the most wonderful, gorgeous idea's for those of us who see beauty in other peoples unwanted pieces.
Penny and I share this love of all things vintage that are a little worn, torn, slightly bashed but that still have that certain something that makes you want to take it home, clean it up and turn it from the ugly duckling sitting in the corner covered in dust into the beautiful swan taking pride of place at your beautiful wedding or lovely home .
Objects which are so very individual, unique and that have their very own history.
This lovely site is so worth visiting ..... click on the link to see more of Penny's wonderful features.

Thank you Penny for  making my very own junk shop treasures below look so very beautiful ....Janey xx

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